7 A UI functions that enhance your daily life with your Samsung mobile

Your Samsung phone holds the key to making your life a lot easier, thanks to a UI customization layer that brings interesting new features with every update. Today you will meet Many activities that you love in your daily lifeAlthough there are many more, we have selected some of the most notable ones.

If you want to use the full potential of your smartphone, there are many hidden or visible options They will make everything very easy for youLet’s talk about some of them below.

7 Key Features You Can’t Live Without

With these tricks or functions, your daily life will improve a lot on your Samsung mobile. Some you have to implement, but others are at your disposal at any time.

Automatic customization of menus and icons

This is one of the most interesting functions that Samsung has if you want to customize your phone to your liking Customize icons, menus, and apps to your chosen wallpaper. Activating it from your phone settings is very simple:

  1. Go on Wallpaper and style
  2. Select the option color palette
  3. Choose one as it is created from the background
  4. You can choose another one If you are looking for new additions
  5. By clicking Use palettes for icons, you get a more unified look of the icons

Samsung Custom Theme

Built-in search engine to quickly find what you want

A UI has a very practical built-in search engine to quickly find what you want. He Very handy off the shelf app, but enough to quickly find apps you want to open or consult. On the other hand, Settings Finder This is very practical as it allows you to locate the setting you are looking for if it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Options that match what you searched for will appear and you can access them instantly by selecting one.

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Apps you use the most

Keep your most used applications at your fingertips for quick access. By clicking the Android 3 Stripes icon or using the bottom-up swipe gesture to open apps in the app, you’ll see them. Several apps at the bottom of the screen. These are the ones you’ve used recently or the ones you’ve used the most, so you can easily access them without having to search elsewhere.

Quick access to quick settings

if you like Enable or disable Bluetooth, NFC, GPS Or use any function in Quick Settings to access them quickly Swiping from the top left corner. This way, you will reach them much better. If you have a few that you use a lot, you can simplify it by organizing them, removing the ones you don’t like, and adding the others that you use the most.

A ui 6 panel

Voice assistant

From ONE UI 5, voice assistant functions have been improved while using your phone, even if you can’t see the screen clearly. Your cell phone You can read texts aloud You enter on the keyboard and With Bixby Vision You can recognize objects in your environment, among other things.

Samsung’s voice assistant has many interesting functions that are very practical in your daily life.

A must-try weather app and widget

With the weather app and widget you can know the weather today, other days, the Weather forecasts and other important data. Its widget contains a lot of information such as the weather in your area, severe weather or storm forecasts. In the app you will also know wind direction, dew point, moon phases, atmospheric pressure, storms and more.

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You have the information you need to know what to bring today or if you’re planning a trip or getaway Organize your vacation.

Widget App Weather One UI

Your notifications are very easy to read

If it’s already easy enough to access notifications at a glance, it includes One UI functionality Notifications on separate cards You will find it easier to read your emails or messages even if they are long. It offers a new visual experience for WhatsApp, emails, notifications and everything that comes to your mobile.

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