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GUANTANAMO – Agronomists, ranchers, microbiologists, foresters, chemists, biologists and other professionals make up a group of 60 workers at Guantanamo. Mountain Development Center in GuantanamoOn February 3, it celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of its founding to contribute science to agricultural work and the well-being of mountain people.

This story begins in 1991 with a temporary unit in the Matazon district, in the mountain town of Sabaneta, municipality of El Salvador, where laboratories are established, staff training with famous scientists of the country begins, and several knowledge transfers take place. implemented.techniques.

This is the dawn of the current Mountain Development Centre, founded on February 3, 1994 in Limonare de Monte Ros, by Science Minister Rosa Elena Simeon and Revolutionary Armed Forces Minister Raúl Castro.

There, based on studies from farmers' own areas and work in laboratories, researchers are committed to transferring knowledge and techniques to farmers, enhancing their abilities to increase yields of grains, vegetables, coffee, cocoa and other items.

This is one of the group’s successes, in addition to working to preserve species, restore natural areas, form environmental culture among children, and social studies to identify the problems, interests, and needs of mountain residents, in the interest of their integrated development.

With the necessary equipment to respond to research needs and trained staff, the Mountain Development Center contributes to the implementation of valuable projects and holistic scientific programs that support the social and economic development of the province.

More details about this laudable mission that demonstrates effort and passion for science, says Yaclyn de la Rosa Hermida in her report.

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