20 passengers get stuck on Disney Park roller coaster in California

Disney employees rescue trapped passengers on the IncrediCoaster with safety harnesses. (OC Hawk)

A group of Disney California Adventure park visitors encountered an unexpected situation last Sunday. About 20 people were trapped in the upper part The Incredigoster is a roller coaster It was reported that after more than an hour, the tour was halted around 1:30 pm amid a heat wave hitting the state. NBC News.

He Disneyland employees Armed with armor and appropriate security measures, they were able to dislodge the invaders from the ground, the independent news agency reported. OC Hawk. While waiting for rescue, the trapped people were given umbrellas to protect themselves from the scorching sun.

At the time of the incident, the temp 31°C In Anaheim, the discomfort is compounded. A representative Disney He did not immediately respond to a request for comment New York Post.

According to New York PostIt's uncertain what caused the attraction to fail, but it's not the first time The Incredicoster presents problems. A day earlier, on Saturday, the roller coaster also stopped with passengers.

Vince Crantonsaid a visitor staying at a hotel overlooking the park KNPC-TV: “I thought the gravity might have shut down. “I was really worried about the heat, obviously about the people … It wasn't moving, it was up there.”

“I was very concerned about the heat and obviously people's safety,” the resident added.

He The IncredicosterIt reaches maximum speed 88 km per hour, was temporarily closed after Sunday's incident. The recurrence of the problem creates concern among park visitors and operators, he said. NBC News.

It is not clear why the Incredicoaster stopped working for two days in a row. (hard)

The theme park and its staff were praised for their quick response and for taking steps to protect passengers from the heat during the rescue operation. But there is still a question about the reliability of this attraction, which has already revealed failures in consecutive days.

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He United States Weather Service High temperatures were predicted for the region Anaheim, which contributed to the severity of the situation. No injuries or serious consequences were reported among the victims, but the incident led to a safety review by park operators.

The themed roller coaster is one of the park's most popular attractions, drawing crowds daily. Therefore, the concern of the visitors has increased as the facility should be in place to guarantee the safety of the customers. Studies will continue to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the locations moving forward.

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