😂 This is how a chicken loose on the tracks stopped the Mexico City subway

Armed with brooms, gloves and a garbage bag, maintenance officers and security agents from the Mexico City subway harassed the man responsible for suspending Line 9 public transit service.

Guilty? A black hen, after a few minutes of chasing, was caught.

The incident, which took place last Sunday, was videoed and broadcast by the official Twitter account of the Mexico City metro system. Officials also said that electricity has been shut off to avoid risks to animals and workers.

The chase lasted several minutes, until one worker threw his coat over the animal and the chicken managed to evade several attempts to catch it. Subway service resumed shortly after.

A tweet posted by the official account of the Mexico City subway said, “Transit workers in coordination with civil defense rescued a chicken from the train area of ​​the Centro Medico station.” ” Remember to secure your belongings and use a transporter to transport pets and avoid incidents.

Authorities have blamed “vandalism” on the Mexico City subway

One of the responses to the subway tweet ironically compared the runaway chicken to alleged references to “vandalism” by Mexico City officials justifying a series of failures in the capital’s subways.

“Damn destabilizing chicken. Of course it came from resistance,” wrote Osvaldo Alejandro.

One of those who spoke out about such vandalism was the head of the Mexico City government, Claudia Scheinbaum, a member of the Morena party founded by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Considered one of the favorites to win his party’s nomination in the 2024 elections.

Like the president, Sheinbaum attributes the problems in his administration to a “conservative conspiracy” against him, with no concrete evidence to support such a claim.

Earlier this year, López Obrador ordered 6,000 National Guard agents to patrol the Mexican capital’s subway platforms.It sparked controversy as it was interpreted as an attempt to militarize the city’s subway system, which carries an average of 4.6 million people every day, according to official estimates.

“Subway is a disaster”: Mexico City residents complain about poor condition of trains

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