Endless waiting lists to buy fuel in Havana

Between prelists and catalogs, Habanero spends these days in a frenzy buying much-needed fuel. All this, in the midst of Cuba’s current energy crisis. According to many internet users and vehicle owners, buying petrol at established points is a real odyssey.It is necessary to have the name on the list before appearing on the already famous “Official List”. But what is this new obstacle in today’s Cuban reality?

As reported right here in Directory Cubano, the capital’s government has taken steps to curb endless queues at gas stations. Then, a person in charge of each service center activated with fuel was appointed to record the customer’s personal data. This is done from 8 AM to 12 PM.

Adverse effects?

From this list, the driver will now get the option to call the nearest gas station. You will receive your order number through social networks. At the same time, the service center manager will calculate the number of cars according to the previous list, which can cover their fuel every day.

Quantification of prelists and catalogs has created the appearance of collaros and resellers. “Queues and more queues and eventually petrol for the same people”, one internet user pointed out with justifiable irritation. Adverse consequences are not long in coming, social indiscipline increases every day, a critical issue these days in Havana.

On the same theme, other variations have been adopted in some provinces of the country. For example, an alternative is to book a time to buy petrol through a ticket application.

However, the digital route often puts customers on a waiting list, which is desperate. Other complaints are related to the availability of the apk, which does not work when it is most needed.

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