Zoom announces new alliances with live translation service and Facebook’s ‘metaverse’

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ZoomTopia 2021 is a fact, and Zoom is news to its users. With the advent of the Govt-19 epidemic, this communication application has taken its place among other services Meeting Microsoft Groups and Google. People need options to personalize their functions, and close support these virtual tools. Through these, workers and students were able to pursue their business and educational pursuits amidst loneliness, turning these sites into a direct bridge to the “new nature”.

However, the epidemic is gradually coming to an end, although the light at the end of the tunnel is still a little farther away, the truth is that remote conditions require less, so now video messaging services need to think about new strategies to ensure the permanence of its users and win the hearts of newcomers; And this is exactly what it is Zoom in I wanted to reach out with his event Zoomtopia 2021 for developers and customers.

On this occasion, the stage came up with new strategic alliances with surprises and other technology companies related to the open world for interpersonal communication of different regions, cultures and languages.

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Initially, Zoom surprised its followers by announcing the addition of a tool that companies and individuals who love new cultures and other social worlds will definitely like: Direct translation. According to the company’s report on the events at its event, managers are expected to include it next year “Direct translation in 12 languages”.

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Similarly, the extension of the process Automatic transcription in 30 languages; In both cases (translation and transcription) no languages ​​are present or the exact date they are activated is not specified.

“Zoom connects users around the world, and this expansion of our transcription and translation capabilities will help overcome the language barrier that prevents dynamic communication and collaboration,” Zoom added in its document.

This is how the virtual dashboard looks like on Facebook's Horizon workshops.  Photo: Zoom
This is how the virtual dashboard looks like on Facebook’s Horizon workshops. Photo: Zoom

Google Meat has the same zoom as its Whiteboard or ‘Jumboard’ and Microsoft Teams has its ‘Whiteboard’. Whiteboarding, A virtual board, as an alternative window for users to use, to write or draw their comments in a meeting.

However, this method does not have to do with the whiteboarding update directly with the zoom processor, but with the functionality that this whiteboard has on other web services. According to information provided in Zoomtopia 2021, this tool may no longer be used as an independent application by business packages of other Internet companies.

One of the most important partners in joining this new idea Facebook is a company that uses whiteboarding services in Oculus Horizons workshops; In other words, from now on, Facebook meetings operating with the help of Augmented Reality will be able to get their own virtual dashboard provided by Zoom.

“When people join meetings through workplaces, they can connect to each other through virtual and real-world zoom meetings.

In this way, Zoom becomes a direct collaborator of Facebook’s VR (Virtual Reality) Ambitious “metaversoThat Mark Zuckerberg wants to grow.

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