Zelda de Vigo has released an overseas location to record Arbelin Pineta

Arbelin Pineda will arrive in Spain in the first days of January, and Zelda de Vigo will be able to sign up after announcing his overseas status for the Mexican footballer.

The future Orbelin Pineta Seems clear and can join Zelda Vigo, Brazilian Diego Calhardo obtains an Italian passport and opens the door to joining a former player after he ceases to occupy a foreign position. Blue Cross.

For several months “El Maguido” had closed its integration with the Galician team, but places abroad were a problem to join the team, and even the possibility of borrowing money for another club was handled. Zelda Vigo He opened a space in his template; However, this situation is no longer necessary.

Sources commented ESPN That Pinota He will arrive in Spanish territory in the first days of January to begin working with his new colleagues, on the orders of Eduardo Coette. The Argentine strategist is well aware of its qualities Arbelin, After he played Mexican football, he is expected to be considered for the second half of the season in the Spanish league.

In case of closing the integration Pinota Al Zelda Vigo He will be the second Mexican on the Galician team to play for the skies for several seasons, and will be instrumental in transforming “Orbe” into Spanish football and European life in general. First experience Orbelin Outside of Mexican football.

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