“You remember?” I got Spotify

From how music stars appeared to remembering famous TV spots on Channel 13. All this, and much more, can be remembered thanks to the space now adapted to sound.

special momentsAnd the unforgettable charactersAnd the musicians s Software that was part of history Thousands of Chilean men and women.

This is the area of ​​T13 “You remember?” It brings it to screens every Friday, but they can now accompany you on any mobile device, ever since the space debuted spotify.

Hosted by a journalist from Channel 13 Maria Jesus MunozAnd the “You remember?” appeared as a file A little nostalgia for the past In each edition of T13 on Friday and gradually began to become In a space followed by the audience.

“Little by little, it gained its place, step by step in the news, and somehow became a must on Fridays”The caller is stressed.

Along these lines, stress that it is “A journey into the past somehow takes you to a beautiful stage” from lifeLike childhood.

Agence France-Presse – Olivia Newton-John

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Likewise, he noted that, for example, “Music brings back so many memories for peoplewe have since then Luis Miguel To Juan Gabriel and many things. in this context , They love seeing them as little kids develop and become the stars that they are“.

Space has a memory Featured programs from the eighties and nineties on Channel 13The How did music stars appear?The How were the days of Eid at that time? Plus, A series of profiles of contacts and well-known TV personalities of the pastamong other contents of huge file from the TV station.

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Currently, “You remember?” Available on Spotify, where Four chapters have been uploaded and where Promise to accompanyin a way somewhat closer by sound, For an audience who wants to remember that Chile is from the past.

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