Yolanda Andrade Responds to Laura Zapata After Calling Mexicans “Huenos”; He asks him to go to work

when Laura shoe Promising to be one of the best telenovela villains of a few decades ago, he’s not lying, because in this case went viral for posting a series of unfortunate statements about Mexicans Especially for the President’s administration Andrew Manual Lopez Workshop.

After promising that Mexico was a country of “eggs” and extending his hand, the president offered them 2,000 pesos a month, referred to as “maicia,” an amount they would settle and make him “worshippers.” As if that wasn’t enough, he labeled AMLO’s followers as ignorant because “they didn’t go to school.”

“He is a liar, because he beat the country in the mother, because he ended up with the companies because of his jealousy and anger at President Calderon, because he is a piece, I can’t stand him. Piece of our country, why do we allow it? Because of cheating, because of giving money, because of corrupting the youth, lazy , incendiary, uncivilized, thinks the country belongs to him, is always making up bad things, has allowed many Mexicans to die, because he is a jerk, I can’t stand it, “said the sister. Thalia In the interview Carlos Relaxing.

Yolanda Andrade responds to Laura Zapata

Naturally, publishing these types of statements has a reaction, be it for or against. However, it didn’t go well Laura shoe, netizens (and some colleagues in the media) labeled it communal and racist. One of the famous people who didn’t keep silent was Th Yolanda AndradeAnswered via Twitter.

Having gone viral, the telenovela villain became HT and the host didn’t hesitate to use it to make his point, where he responded in kind. He also mentioned the help his illustrious sister had given him:

“#laurazapata Mexicans are not eggheads! You’re an egghead! You’re out of the corn Talia gave you. Get to work!!! #laurazapata #yolandaandrade”

Yolanda Andrade was not silent and responded with this (Photo: TW @yolandandrade)

For her part, Laura Zapata was “amused” by the wave of backlash against her after her statements. In this case, assuring that he told only the truth, he recalled all the controversies, ending with a joke, calling people “funny” and “poor in spirit.”

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“… Now get to work, you bunch of idiots, stretch out your hands and beg. Stop selling what little dignity you have left in the face of such misguided rule that will abolish caste and destroy you and my beloved Mexico.” He wrote in a thread

Laura Zapata responds to all her haters (Photo: TW @LAURAZAPATAM)

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