Yanira Perios is invited to the Pupusa festival

Popular TikToker, Yanira Berios, stole the looks of those who took photos with them during the festival.

The municipality of Oloquilta in La Paz celebrated the Pupusa festival yesterday for the eighteenth time.

Since early morning, hundreds of Salvadorans and foreigners have come to enjoy a variety of activities and, of course, the exquisite pupusas that take center stage in the process.

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Tourists spotted the world’s largest pupusa at 5.5 meters, beating last year’s record of 4.5 meters.

After about six hours of preparation, the audience tasted it.

The popular Tiktoker was approached by the media while he was at the Oloquilta festival. Video: EDH / Óscar Orellana

On the other hand, TikToker Yanira Berrios who came to enjoy the gastronomy activity was one of the celebrities who caught the eye and captivated the public.

The well-known Salvadoran took the opportunity to record content for her YouTube channel together with her son-in-law and, of course, congratulated all the fans who did not miss the moment and asked her for photos.

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Berrios looked very sexy as she wore a short shirt, blue pants and black boots that matched her figure.

His joy and dynamism made people active and enjoy the atmosphere of the Ologuilta festival.

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