Yadier Molina meets Eddie Casiano and apologizes

proxy Bayamon Cowboys of the National Superior Basketball Association (BSN)., Yadier MolinaHe apologized to the leader last night San German Athletics, Eddie CassianoThe two got into a fight during the National League final last August.

As described by Gaussian First hour It all started when he and his family went to see a game in Pittsburgh yesterday, where the Pirates faced the St. Louis Cardinals.

“Going to visit my girl who studies here in Pittsburgh, Youngstown, they used mine and a middle one, they all came down at the same time with their boyfriends and husband and grandson, they bought lockers for the game. Pittsburgh. We all went, you know, we went to the game to scream, **** there as a fan, you know”, Casiano began.

He talked to me, the truth is, he is a man, he apologized, he talked to me, I was with my family, he apologized to my family, nothing, we left him there … But he is a man because the truth is, that guy Straight to the point, he apologized for the whole situation.

Eddie Cassiano

Already at the park, the former head of the national basketball team also posted a photo of Molina on his Instagram social network story, after which the Puerto Rican receiver communicated with one of Cassiano’s daughters through that channel.

“He wrote to my daughter and wrote an apologetic message saying he wanted to apologize to me personally,” Casiano continued.

Eddie Casiano posted this picture on his social media when the game started. Yadier Molina found out through them that the coach was in the stadium. (Capture / Facebook)

Molina then got Casiano’s number and asked if they could see each other after the game.

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“There we talked, he talked to me, the truth is he is a man, he apologized, he talked to me, I was with my family, he apologized to my family, nothing, we left him there … but he is a man because the truth What’s more, the guy spoke straight to my face and apologized to me for the whole situation”, Casiano explained, referring to their differences during the PSN final.

Molina also took advantage to make his apology public via Instagram, in which he shared a photo of the Casiano family.

“Thank you Casiano family. Thank you for giving me the chance to stand up and apologize like a man. Thank you for understanding and my apologies to you and your family. God bless you, Chief”, the receiver shared in one of his stories.

Although disagreements between Yadier Molina and Eddie Casiano started when they were in charge of the national team, they escalated in the last BSN final when Bayamon’s manager criticized San German after canceling the team after a wetsuit problem. In field A.

Eddie Casiano joins his family in Pittsburgh.
Eddie Casiano joins his family in Pittsburgh. (Capture / Facebook)

“Wow Tremendous work @bsnpr tell them…Wow Tremendous… My men have been told nothing from the beginning… That field and San Germano’s home team are not fit for this type of scene! Shame on others!” said Molina via social networks.

In the second edition, after learning that the fourth game would not take place tonight, the player revealed: “Shame on the others! @bsnpr athletic fans no offense but this is a shame!!! You know that won’t happen in Bayamon!”.

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Cassiano was not silent after this, and answered him.

“I read what he said, but he didn’t write very well, I didn’t see what he was saying very well, I didn’t really pay attention to what he was saying, much less that he wasn’t here. Talking from one proxy to another proxy through the networks, I think it’s a little bit more respectful if you call personally. But from him. I know what to expect,” Casiano said.

“He should call a proxy, you don’t talk from one proxy to another, it’s disrespectful, but that’s how they fight here, he said what he said, we’re ready to play anyway,” he added.

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