Xiomara Castro promises to fix the leaks on the ship

President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, Yesterday, Thursday, he visited some of the rain-hit areas in his country where at least 5 people have died and more 48,000 people have been affected by the floods.

“We have to act immediately to deal with events like rains that have fallen for more than 10 days and created saturation in the ground, causing flooding,” the Honduran president told reporters in a statement.

Castro traveled Municipality of San Manuel, Cortes department in the north of the country, with his son and personal secretary, Hector Zelaya, director of the Secretariat of Risk Management and National Contingencies, Dario Garcia and officials of the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Transportation (SIT) and Honduran Social Investment Fund (FHIS).

Repairing cracks in boards is the most urgent matter after rain

He expressed his satisfaction that work to strengthen banks in the Sula Valley in the north of the country, which his government started in 2022, is almost intact despite the vulnerability of the area.

However, he said Govt He announced that some of the spills on the banks would soon be repaired and that his government was conducting studies to build at least three dams.

“We are acting with all responsibility to start the research processes that will allow us to guarantee that in the years to come we will build dams that will really help control these rains and end this pain that many families are going through,” he stressed.

Palm, cassava, banana and corn plantations are flooded

Castro met with the mayors of San Manuel, Renault Arturo Castro and the cities of La Lima and Santos Lines to learn about the damage caused by the rain.

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“We have to keep the interests of the people very clear. What we’re experiencing today, what we’ve experienced over the years, is because we’re not committed to solving the problem, because the problem is not mitigation, the problem is solution.” The is mandatory.

At least five people have died in recent days as a result of rain in Honduras, according to the National Secretariat of Risk and Contingency Management.

48,322 people were affected by the rains, 1,138 houses were damaged, 26 were destroyed, and 212 communities were cut off.

The Honduran authorities They maintain a red emergency alert, which includes evacuations in areas at risk of flooding in the departments of Coban and Santa Barbara (West), Cortes and Islas de la Bahia (Caribbean).

In addition, a yellow precautionary warning is maintained in the remaining 14 sectors that complement Honduran territory. The Yellow alert It causes preventive evacuation in areas prone to landslides, landslides, floods or overflowing rivers.

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