Xi Jinping wished to reunite with Taiwan for the New Year

The President சினோ, Xi Jinping, Performed text today At the end of the year In it, he promised the “common aspiration” of the Chinese on both sides of the strait, “to achieve the reunification of the whole homeland.” Taiwan“, Gather the Chinese official media.

At the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China last July, Xi reviewed some of the most pertinent events in China this year, including the celebrations he led: “We were in Tiananmen after a tumultuous historical journey.

One year after Beijing’s control of the former British colony was strengthened, Xi assured that “the homeland is always concerned about the prosperity of Hong Kong and Macau,” where “through efforts”, one country’s organization and two organizations can be “stable”.

The President The Chinese, who described themselves in the speech as “coming from the countryside” and “experiencing poverty”, recalled the reported achievements of the campaign against extreme poverty in the Asian country, although he promised that “there is still a way out”. To go “.

Xi also noted the military and police and their disaster relief efforts, especially since more than 300 people were killed in floods this summer in central Henan province in China.

The President The Chinese, who have not left the country for nearly two years, noted in his video conferences with foreign leaders that China has gained “fame” for its contribution to the fight against the epidemic, and that the Asian country has “contributed more than 2,000 million doses of vaccines to more than 120 countries and international organizations.”

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In addition, he assured that the country was “ready” to host the Beijing Olympics. 2022, Which will begin in the Chinese capital in February and its diplomatic boycott has been announced by countries such as the United States.

Xi Jinping Faces a 2022 Managing the Chinese recession and the fall were full of challenges such as the Communist Party’s XX Congress, where it could begin for the third time in a row unprecedented in decades.

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