Xbox President: The best argument against the Xbox Series S is Sony

Microsoft’s Xbox Series S is not exactly kept secret, but the company’s decision to build the next gen Xbox to go against the PS5 is not an easy one. Eventually, Microsoft decided to create two next-gen consoles that came with the company’s desire to reach a wider audience than Sony had targeted.

The Xbox Series S does not have the original horsepower found on the larger Xbox Series X or PS5. Many people are wondering why Microsoft created two different next-gen Xbox consoles, while Sony is focusing on a more powerful PS5. Some Microsoft employees have questioned this decision, and the company’s Xbox president has revealed On the edge That “is the best argument against doing [two next-gen consoles] Sony was. “

In an interview On the edge, Bill Spencer, Microsoft’s head of gaming, says the entry-level Xbox Series S idea has been “questioned many times domestically.” Despite the booking and “a ton of respect for what Sony does for Spencer”, Microsoft had the knowledge that Sony was only pursuing high-end hardware to make the 9299 Series SI the most affordable entry point in the next gen gaming.

Xbox Series S and Series X.
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“It’s really this addition: how to add publishing ecstasy and exaggeration and more of everything that happens, to make it accessible [as many] As many people as possible, ”Spencer explains. “We want to think about how we can bring more people into the gaming funnel so that more people can enjoy this art form we want,” says Spencer. Pushback against [doing one console] Has always been, but we want to grow and find new customers. ”

Xbox Series S Next generation gaming is somewhat complicated. Sony’s approach is to create two PS5 models with the same hardware glass, one without a disk drive. “The way I design it, the best argument against doing [two-next gen consoles] Sony was there, ”Spencer reveals. “We don’t think they’re going to do that.”

Both the Xbox Series X and the Series S are hard to find and buy right now, a situation that will last for many more months. “We started production in late summer,” Spencer reveals. “We were a little late than the competition because we were waiting for some specific AMD technology on our chip. In terms of building units, we were a little behind where they were and where Sony was.”

Sony’s PS5 console.
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That decision to fully implement AMD’s RTNA2 technologies means Sony has more units to pass this holiday season. Microsoft has not released what the benefits of having full RDNA 2 support will bring to the Xbox Series X other than the PS5, or why the company was willing to keep and affect its shipping plans. It’s a decision that can be expressed in months and years with support in sports.

For now, you can see that more Xbox Series X devices will be available next year than the Series S, although the Xbox Series S has been established as the entry point, Spencer has revealed that Microsoft is currently producing more Xbox Series X consoles than the Series SI. As needed. “Our first vacation, probably our second vacation, we found that you will find the high-end SKU sold by Series X,” says Spencer. “We’re made more Series X than the series SS. I think as we go through the spring and summer, we ‘ll moderate it a bit. In the long run, in most cases, the price will win.”

Read or listen to Nile Patel Here is the full interview with Bill Spencer.

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