WWE SmackDown Report 3/8 – Cody Rhodes slaps The Rock after accepting the WrestleMania challenge

Below is what happened on Friday night's show.

Logan Paul enters the scene To start the chapter. Maverick positions himself as the “greatest rookie of all time” and promises to be in WWE to take on everything he can in his path. The United States Champion has been named responsible for WWE's recent successes, and confirms the company is in “its prime.”

Wrestler unveils PRIME as WWE's first on-mat sponsor and showcases KSI's star presence. Business colleagues should take a photo together. Randy Orton's music interrupts at that point, but no one else appears. Logan makes a surprise escape from the RKO! KSI takes the attack instead of the champion. Viper takes some prime before pouring it down the influencer's pants.

Kevin Owens and Randy Orton defeated A-Town Down Under (Grayson Waller and Austin Theory).

Bobby Lashley defeated Carrion Cross After the fight was disqualified due to interference from The Atuors of Pain, Street Loom cleared the way for Lashley's facebuster. B-Fab moves Scarlet so his partner applies a Hurt Lock, but AoP returns to allow punishment against The All Mighty.

Backstage, Bayley was interviewed by Kyla Braxton. She said Dakota Kai manipulated and used her. Bayley said that she was doing everything for the benefit of Damage CTRL, and now it leaves her alone and backs off. Kayla asks Bayley what your plans are for WrestleMania. Bayley replied that she was going to change everything in her heart to prevent CTRL from being damaged.

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Elsewhere, Naomie watched an interview with Bailey. Bianca Belaire, unsympathetic to Bayley's plight, says she made the bed and she's going to sleep in it.

Tiffany Stratton defeated “Michin” Mia Yim.

AJ Styles explains why he attacked LA Knight In the Elimination Chamber. He said Knight doesn't deserve to be in the locker room like he is. Styles is upset that Knight stole his momentum, calling him an “overrated, underrated guy” who needs a lesson in humility.

Backstage, LA Knight, frustrated by Styles not being in the arena, grabs his chair and smashes the TV to pieces.

Dragon Lee defeated Angel GarzaAfter the Ghost's Legacy fight they attack Dragon Lee.

Bloodline enters led by Roman Reigns. The lights go out and along comes The Rock. The two men shake hands, to the bewilderment of the audience, and Roman clarifies: “Recognize us.” Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins enter the audience! With the rest of The Bloodline out, Roman Reigns and The Rock face Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. The audience sings the latter, and The American Nightmare lands. “I know those are tense days, but I think I'm lucky to get through this moment and take some time to feel the emotion in this arena.” Cody doubts Roman Reigns' leadership after the terms offered by The Great One.

The Rock tells him to shut up and assures him that he did what was best for his family. “If they win at WrestleMania, you'll have a clear path to fulfill your father's path.” The audience boos DeHarria at the fighter, and Seth Rollins interrupts to accept the challenge on behalf of both men. Rock promises to use his power on the board of directors to keep Cody and Seth out of any titles. The wrestler calls Cody “a mistake” and they both stare at each other closely. Cody Rhodes slams The Rock! The episode closes its broadcast.

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