WWE Raw results, recap, grades: Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre agree to match inside hell in a cell

With the June 20 Hell in a Cell pay-per-see moving close, WWE Raw to formally book the primary match at the occasion to happen inside the Cell during Monday night’s version of Raw. During the agreement marking between Drew McIntyre and WWE champion Bobby Lashley, McIntyre tossed down a test to put the match inside the WWE’s notorious design, a test Lashley immediately acknowledged.

McIntyre is confronting some large danger at the forthcoming occasion, in any case, as Lashley and MVP added the specification that a McIntyre misfortune would mean he won’t be qualified to challenge for the WWE title inasmuch as Lashley holds the belt. McIntyre, frantic for one final shot at Lashley, acknowledged the terms, and the match is presently set as Lashley attempts to at long last remove McIntyre from his life.

CBS Sports was with you throughout the night with recaps and features of all the activity from the ThunderDome inside Yuengling Center in Tampa.

McIntyre and Lashley consent to Hell in a Cell match

At the point when it was the ideal opportunity for McIntyre and Lashley to sign the agreement for their Hell in a Cell conflict, just McIntyre went to the ring at first. As McIntyre was going to put pen to paper, MVP and Lashley were hindered to make a sluggish stroll to the ring with their female “colleagues” close behind. Lashley set out the condition that, should McIntyre lose at the compensation per-see, the challenger could never get a shot at his title again. McIntyre was hindered to quickly acknowledge.

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McIntyre’s reaction. Lashley and MVP acknowledged, with Lashley saying their story would end with McIntyre concealing his kilt between his legs and running. McIntyre then, at that point utilized a sword to accompanied a condition, in any case, as he requested the match happen inside Hell in a Cell slice the table down the middle before the two occupied with a staredown.

No bad things to say about a WWE contract marking not completion in the normal fight, regardless of whether McIntyre cleaving a table into equal parts was somewhat on the senseless side – however nothing contrasted with the show finishing fragment including Alexa Bliss and Shayna Baszler (more on that to come). MVP accomplished extraordinary work all through the show, including an enormous behind-the-stage portion with Kofi Kingston later in the evening. Lashley and McIntyre was a lock to happen inside the Cell, so getting that “on paper” was only a required advance in the story. Evaluation: B

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