World Diabetes Day: Desserts from “Espacio by An” are suitable for this group of people | Gastroenterology

Take care of what you eat. “Space by An” is a file Since the confectionery does not use refined flour and so to formulate their recipes they follow strict rules so that It can also be taken without problems by people who like to follow a healthy diet.

east November 14 It has a special meaning because it’s an opportunity to raise awareness of this disease and all the care that it entails on the level of food, you know that Angie Oshiro Brand builder “Space By An”, Dedicated to making sweets suitable for diabetics.

Diabetics are probably the ones who love sweets more than others, and although the disease can have many causes, it must be guided by a doctor who will offer them a diet for each case. From this place I have tried and am still looking for inputs that can satisfy them in dessert, not only Stevia-based products are presented, but Lakanto and even products like Yacón have been used, ” Businessman stands out.

Only this Crispy apple sweetened with yacon only It’s one of the favorites on the menu, because it’s layers of apples interspersed with Andean tuber, which have a natural sweetness that helps lower the glycemic index. The crisp is a mix of Andean beans and butter with a hint of cinnamon and cloves.

He asserts that he based his formula on rules such as: sweets cannot contain refined flour, because it turns into sugar in the body; Because of the same composition, no sugar should be used, but it should not be substituted for panela, coconut sugar, dates, sucrose, fructose, or the like.

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This spring and summer season, it has a varied menu of seasonal fruit cheesecakes sweetened only with natural stevia such as strawberry, chocolate mint, raspberry, fruit, lemon, chocolate, and chocolate with coffee and lucuma.

Another favorite is the Blueberry Crumble, a Strawberry Crumble with blueberries, all sweetened with stevia; Another is Imperial de quinua con quinoa” which contains chia, grain crumbles, and passion fruit jelly.

In the case of Lakanto, he tested it with success in recipes like Strawberry Flip Cream or Spring Fruit Cheesecake. In the savory section you have a healthy quiche option: chicken with leeks, spinach with tomato and cheese, lauren (leeks and bacon), and mushrooms with leeks and artichokes plus leeks.

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