Women will be more “effective” in space

A new study suggests there are significant benefits to including women on space missions.

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Over the years, most of the humans who have been able to explore outer space have been men.

So far, there is a record that since the escape of the Soviets Valentina Tereshkova In 1963, only 75 women traveled to space, and in the case of male astronauts, nearly 600 women did.

Little by little, women have been able to occupy an important place in space exploration. And from this account, everything indicates that women can have it feature about men.

But what is this?

Study published in Scientific reports indicates that female astronauts May be more effective in managing resources, as they require less oxygen and energy, It produces less carbon dioxide.

However, it’s not just about weight and height, women can also be more efficient when exercising to avoid the bone loss that comes with being in space.

Research shows that women lose up to 29% less water sweating During the exercise session, which aims to allow the astronauts to lose bone density as little as possible and thus not quickly suffer from muscle atrophy.

It is estimated that in small workplaces, a crew of women could be more efficient, due to their smaller height and weight. Because of this, the study data indicates that if there can be operational advantages in missions composed exclusively of female astronauts.

From this account, the a pot announced that it plans to send its first exclusively manned mission slim to the International Space Station in 2024.

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