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This article is written in the first person.

Teaching Microsoft Excel on TikTok was my ticket out of Corporate America. I posted My first video in my account, Miss Excelin June 2020.

At the time, I was living with my parents and saddled with student debt, but within a few weeks, the video went viral and I gained 100,000 followers.

In November of that year, I started selling an online Excel course on my website, and two months later, passive income was already more than my monthly check as a full-time employee as a management consultant.

I quit my job in January 2021 to become a full-time entrepreneur, and have created nine more online courses that teach different skills. And in October 2021, she hit a major milestone: She made over $100,000 in sales—in just one day.

Now 29 years old, Miss Excel has developed into a company that generates over $2 million in revenue annually.

My friend Mike left his corporate sales job and became CFO and VP of Sales in April 2022.

The best part is that I only work four hours a day. Here’s a look at a typical day:

I prioritize my well-being in the morning

Morning meditation keeps me calm and focused, so I start my day with an online group meditation at choices + results At 7 am, Mike, my parents, and a few members of Miss Excel’s community also join in.

After meditation, Mike and I eat breakfast together, usually baked oatmeal, and coordinate the day over coffee on our porch. It is one of my favorite activities.

Then my personal trainer arrives, or I go do yoga at a local studio. Mike and I get back together for a quick swim or sauna before I get ready for work.

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I work three to four hours a day

I start work in the afternoon. My home is equipped with fast internet, an office, and a recording studio, which makes it a great place to work remotely.

I organize my days based on the tasks I have to do, that way I don’t constantly jump from creative projects to more analytical activities.

On Mondays, for example, I do creative activities like setting my goals and brainstorming for content. I’m always thinking about how I can grow my business and make a bigger impact.

There have been more than 190,000 complaints of scams in the past two years

On Tuesdays, I make a list of my duties, such as shooting content, editing social media posts, and giving 60-minute workouts for my company’s posts.

I make sure that there are breaks between each task, and this helps me to be more efficient and only work 15-20 hours a week.

I spend my nights learning and doing what I love

By 3 p.m., Mike and I love to go hiking or scooter riding with friends. Being in touch with nature keeps me grounded, calm and creative, which is why it is one of my priorities.

After being away for a while, Mike and I had dinner. We love trying new recipes at home and going to local restaurants. One of our favorites right now is an Italian café in Sedona called scooter.

Then we read or watch documentaries. Some of my favorite topics include mental stimulation, meditation, how to stay active, and quantum physics. I read “Close your eyes and be freeby Grace Smith.

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We try to be in bed by 9:30pm so that we can rest up for meditation the next day.

My job helped me live the life I dreamed of

Mike and I enjoy working at Miss Excel and traveling the world. We’ve made seven trips in 2022.

In March, I bought my first home with the money I earned from Miss Excel. My dream home in Sedona, Arizona has a 270-degree view of the Red Rock Mountains.

Miss Excel has also allowed me to support the important people in my life. This year my mom was able to quit her job as a medical receptionist and retire early.

If you are not sure about starting an alternative business, I would recommend getting out. It can be intimidating, but you’ll never know if you don’t try.

Kat Norton Teach Microsoft Excel to individuals, businesses, and educational institutions. Since the beginning Miss Excel In 2020, it has increased its audience in Tik Tok And the instagram to more than a million followers.

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