Without the United States, the inauguration of the President of the United States

This is what I saw on TV yesterday: a country is not out of its most important event. This is the situation that the waves of previous conflicts have brought with it, which has gone beyond any electoral meaning. They began with violent demonstrations, unknowingly instigated by democratic opposition, those seeking to oust Trump, anti-Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements, which quickly spread and turned into real Maoist street revolutions. The burning and destruction of symbolic statues of American history, no matter how controversial chapters it may have been, these anarchic movements devastated many American cities and brought with them many more damages, including on a symbolic level rather than the occupation of the Capitol. Jan. 6. They destroyed what was essential to American political culture: the American spirit. Her freedom.

Under the pressure of the street, American politicians, but also from abroad, came to worship, with service, in front of new icons. Sadly, publicly, no African-Americans were born. To bow to a new religion, I do not believe in it, but I submit. A dictatorship begins. This time, it was about the dictatorship of the minority against the majority. Moreover, like any dictatorship, it is established in the name of freedom, respect for human rights, and equality. This is analogous to the “dictatorship of the proletariat”, in which the opposition movements did not even hide their connection with the far left.

How did you get here? It began on university campuses, where American “intelligence” laid the foundations for another kind of “cultural revolution” in 1968, similar to the French one (neo-Marxist-Maoist): political correctness. From here, it is through society, through the important media poles, from the influential world to the Hollywood public, through the political “vectors” to gain the role of people with a social status that allows for a new current of thought, and, in fact, the deviation of libertarianism towards anarchic and competitive equality, and to gain more and more land. Until the opposition movement challenges even the United States.

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Supporters of traditional America also unwittingly promoted Donald Trump’s unexpectedly brutal reaction to the January 6 capitalist occupation. In the same paradigm that the Democrats supported the ANTIFA and BLM movements. This led to a situation where the United States was on the brink of an actual undeclared civil war, but not between the North and the South, but between Democrats and Republicans.

While the Republican Guard patrolled the streets of the capital, the absence of the United States, with houses locked, did not correspond to the election campaign or the end of elections yesterday. The most common word spoken at the inauguration of President Joe Biden was “unity”. It is easy to create similarities between flags. It was very difficult to do this among the people when there was only one group carrying the “Black Lives Matter” banner, among the few citizens who received at the investment ceremony. Unity cannot be achieved when Trump becomes equal to being considered a potential culprit because he is a Republican. Among the citizens watching TV at home, other citizens are burning idols and beheading.

In my opinion, America will not recover very soon. This is not the star of a festival as important as the inauguration of an American president and his cabinet, but Lady Gaga, and when the festival disappears, people are precisely afraid of investors (officially, the main reason is Govt-19, but everyone knows that it is not so), Unity cannot be restored through statements. But by deeds. But with a president who, because of his age, will soon be gone, leaving the regime of power in the hands of Vice President Harris, a supporter of the radical opponents who started the “American Cultural Revolution,” it is hard for me to believe that America will compromise. Instead, he deepens his self-loathing more and more.

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