With the support of the European Union, a man with the initiative of the village of Colónica set up a company with cardboard glass

If you have good ideas and a little help, you can make money from anything. A man with initiative in the village of Cologne has benefited from many projects implemented in the Republic of Moldova by the World Bank and with the support of the European Union, he managed to build a successful business. He makes cardboard cups, grated for soup, but also popcorn that we enjoy when we go to the movies.

He is a native of Kollonica village, Chişinu municipality, and he started his first commercial business in 1986.

Simion Ursu said: “Among the first collaborators to start, I was also, we produced the energy on the tiles, which was placed in the bathroom, the roses, the deer, and I produced it.”

He tried his luck on many projects – with wholesale warehouses and shops, and in 1998 he started making borsch. And it didn’t stop here.

Simion Ursu realized the idea that people drink coffee everywhere and believed that producing cardboard cups would make his business more prosperous. In 2015 they started production which proved successful.

“After the existing drawing is cut out, it is ready and inserted into the machine and there in the machine the finished glass is placed one by one.
flies. If it’s still pretty, the cut is just perfect and it’s inserted into the device, ”said Rodica Orso.

Raw materials are purchased from Finland, and container production equipment is brought from China. Part of the money is a private investment, and the rest is covered with grants and loans of $ 800,000. The funds were provided through a World Bank project to improve competitiveness.

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“The biggest problem now is the epidemic that affected us so much, because the movie theaters, if that happens, we will park our cars. Now it is limited because people only go through parks and zoos,” said Simeon Urso.

More than 20 types of containers are produced in the factory. Some of them are sold in the Republic of Moldova, but most of them are exported to Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus and Romania.

Simeon Urso said: “Romania is the largest partner, as it is exported from the European Union to other countries and with the help of partners it is exported to Germany, to the United States of America.”

“Within the project, 220 economic agents benefited from non-refundable financing and used grants to support them. Among these companies, more than 200 companies, 110, 115, reached their target and exported,” said Uriel Kazian, Director of the World Bank Project Implementation Unit .

During the years 2016-2020, more than 200 entrepreneurs from the Republic of Moldova received financial and logistical support from the World Bank.

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