With the intervention of MZ14, the Art, Women and Public Spaces exhibition opened

He’s come to Guayaquil many times, always to be part of a crowd-pleasing intervention on the wall. And at the beginning of February 2023 he returned to the main port, but for a while Take on the challenge of putting up her art on the wall on her own. “It’s exciting to see the wall finished with your proposal,” says Camila Villacris Garin, a 20-year-old from Riobambi who is best known in street art as Oki Sargon.

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It is necessary to clarify It’s not just a wall, it’s showcases of the heritage building It is where the University of the Arts Production and Innovation Center, also known as MZ14, operates.

Nor is it due to a minor circumstance that she whistled at the already famous “dolls”, as the artist calls them. He did it in a frame The fourth edition of “Art, Women and Public Space” launched On February 7, 2023, and ends on April 31, 2023.

The entry commenced at the western wall of said building, on the Panama Street side. Observed behind huge windows. Faces whose features appear with words that define them: strength, power, and courage.

Thus began the fourth edition of this women’s meeting that appeared six years ago and always strives to become an intergenerational meeting, said María Fernanda López, professor at the University of Arts and coordinator of the event, which will take place this year in places such as the facilities of UArtes, the Municipal Museum and the regional nucleus for the House of Culture. “The idea is to build bridges of dialogue with creative people who have explored public space in its various manifestations.he adds.

Among the events that during these three months There will be the group exhibition opening on March 8, 2023, in the Contemporary Art Room of the Municipal Museum.


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From the 16th to the 18th of March, the intervention of the outer wall of the Casa de la Cultura Núcleo del Guayas is planned. On April 26, a discussion – projection “Mujeresa public and multicultural space’ in the MZ14 public square, where the concert of Mafia Andina, a Kichwa-based rap group, will also take place on the 27th.

In the Contemporary Art Room of the Municipal Museum, the writer Lucila Lima will be on display With poetry to be captured in Spanish and Quechua. “’Caligraffiti’ will be Amy Jaramillo, a student at the University of Arts. We will have Quito photographer Joyce Alarcón, who won an award in the Afro-Women and Identity category,” Lopez details.

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