With no advertising or extra charge, Netflix already includes video games

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Last month Netflix, One of the most popular streaming sites of the last decade, its announcement Enter the world of video games. I knew he would be there until that moment Available On the inside Listing at no extra charge, As well as, some Series They have their own Video game Officer

According to the letter to investors, Netflix Agreed: We see Sports Like a Content type For us, it’s like our expansion into original movies, animation and unwritten TV. There will be games Netflix subscription included At no extra cost such as movies and series.

Today, through the Twitter account Netflix Polonia, In that country Users They can already To access To Games: Stranger Things: 1984 And Stranger things: 3, By Processor On devices Android, No ads or surcharges.

Although Table Now LackThe report says: We have a lot of work to do in the coming months, but This is the first step. “. There will be games Available On top of that Game Store Only accessible from Google and the app Netflix.

This time Update Only available on Poland Also expected later or earlier this year 2022 A new model that is achievable is being implemented Mexico and Latin America.

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