With interesting talks and workshops, the VI version of the “Science Festival” began.

The sixth edition of the Science Festival “Antofagasta, source of universal knowledge 2021”.

The initiative seeks to bring scientific and technological knowledge to the community, through a series of talks, audiovisual capsules, workshops and practical experiences. On this occasion, the event is developed in a hybrid way, with face-to-face and virtual activities, broadcast live through Facebook Live (https://www.facebook.com/CTySUA).

For six days more than thirty exhibitors with extensive experience in their various fields of research, belonging to various units, research centers and public and private institutions will participate in the activities, joining the celebrations of the “National Day of science, technology, knowledge and innovation ”, organized every first Sunday in October by the country’s state universities.

“In the democratization of access to knowledge, the people who disseminate and communicate science have a crucial role; who have fought to develop permanent spaces for the democratization of science and knowledge. It is an intense work, looking for alliances or collaborations so that events such as the Science Festival are maintained over time ”, commented Dr. Cristina Dorador.

Some outstanding activities are: “Scientific dissemination in Tik Tok“, of the youtuber scientist Sebastián Rojas “Wikiseba” (October 05); “Where are the meteorites in Chile?”, By geologist Dr. Millarca Valenzuela (October 6); and “Variations of PCR applications”, by Francisco Solís, researcher at the University of Antofagasta (06 October).

The Science Festival is organized by the “Science, technology and society” team (C-TyS) of the Vice-Rector’s Office for Innovation and Postgraduate Studies of the University of Antofagasta; has the support of Escondida BHP; and it is part of the Institutional Project “Center for the Disclosure of Extreme Science”.

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