With fitted pants, Janet Garcia designs her curves

Beautiful Former weather girl Janet Garcia As the celebrity Instagram was a buzz on the social network, he decided to show off his incredible curves in tight pants.

The Influence The small camera was able to impress its millions of followers again on Instagram, the social network, but this time with its decoration.

That’s right, once again he left his followers on social networks and was surprised by the show of fitted jeans and a sexy black blouse, which is no doubt suitable for a weekend show.

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As you may remember, The Sample The 30-year-old and originally from Monterey, Nuevo Len, is one of the celebrities who is characterized by not being shy about showing off her sculpted figure in tight, short dresses, dresses, swimsuits or bed linens. The beautiful driver surprises her followers.

In addition, as if that weren’t enough, he was one of the artists who joined Affiliate, a popular site exclusively for legal-aged people, as you may recall, a few days ago he announced on his social networks Instagram, following which 13.7 million fans finally made their debut on that platform.

The truth is, as she did this Thursday, Regiomontana is constantly revealing the outfits on social networks, when she was spotted by her followers in a perfect outfit over the weekend, which is a very pretty background since it is a jeans dress with a black blouse.

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Yanete shared with millions of her fans on the Instagram social network a photo of herself wearing gray jeans and a plain bag blouse with a black velvet fabric tied at the back.

It is worth noting that through his photography he has created almost more comments and more than 330 thousand “likes”, and you can see that he shows off his loose hair and waves and simple and natural makeup.

If you’re already awake, when you see how others are sleeping around you, walk in the depot, respect their dream, and discover the fullness of your time, as if yours were the right one, “Yanet wrote in the publication.

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As you may remember, the TV presenter was also known as the “Weather Girl”, however, now she is much more.

The Mexican explained that many changes have taken place in her life and, more often than not, she seeks to separate two important aspects that define her in her career today: the attractive side and her healthy side.


The truth is, I, like everyone else, am recovering from an infection. It has affected all of us, usually I decided to come here to America, for one, because my boyfriend lives here and I want to be close with him. Another is that I have a fitness app called ‘Fit Plan’ and all content is recorded from here, from Los Angeles, to digital sites, “he pointed out in an interview.

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Although Yanet is happy to pose for his followers, it’s time to take the next step, while monetizing his content, while at the same time allowing his social networks to share about his health plans, what you want to do throughout your life is in his words.

It seemed appropriate to me, I have been creating free content for all my followers for seven years, wholeheartedly, and now it’s time to take the next step, turning my Instagram page into a completely healthier and healthier page, to continue to help thousands of people. “

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