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Good Samaritan helped free more than 20 drivers trapped in snow on the Portland Expressway exit ramp during winter storm in United State last Wednesday. John Gilbert is the owner of the business And He enjoys cars and helping people in his community. It became his gesture of solidarity diffuse on social networks.

“It’s just a sample of who I am.”Gilbert said. “When there is a big snow and ice storm, I turn on the service light and pull some tow straps and I try to help everyone the ones i canReferred to .

On Wednesday night, Gilbert’s friend, Alec Higley, called him from the Portland Freeway. Hegley and over 20 other drivers I’m stranded there On the frozen exit ramp. I’ve been sitting for about seven hours.Higley said. “[Gilbert] bring food. He is a good man “.

Help drivers

When Gilbert sees the other stranded drivers, he decides to help them as well. Launch various sedans, vans and even a pickup truck. “The exit ramp there was completely destroyed.”Gilbert said. “Everyone was so grateful, they had kids at home and everything.”.

Gilbert I worked until 6:00 in the morning To unlock more than 20 vehicles. “You could tell he was just having fun, making everyone happy and helping.”Higley said.

John Gilbert has been seen helping drivers stranded by a winter storm in the US. (Photo: John Gilbert, Alec Higley)

The only vehicle Gilbert was unable to free was a truck carrying six tons of cargo. ‘We made a valiant effort’Gilbert said. “The weight of those big rigs and 2-3 inches of ice was just too much.”.

At the wheel of the truck was a woman named Maria. I told She is grateful that Gilbert tried to help her. “what kind”Mariam said. “That’s what we’re here to do, right? we help each other. Sometimes in society it seems that we have forgotten. John helps you remember.”he added.

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