William Shatner will go into space aboard Jeff Bezos

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William Shatner played an astronaut Star Trek For decades, but now it really goes into space. September 24, 2021 morning, TMZ News released One of the most famous spacecraft captains on TV will go into orbit On one of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spacecraft.

TMZ said Shatner will be aboard the Blue Origin for a short voyage. The last space flight of the blue origin It lasted about 11 minutes, of which only a few were spent in space. Shatner’s flight seems to be short.

Shatner’s thoughts on going into space

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Shatner had been talking for a while about going into space. However, his feelings about undertaking such an important task were not always positive.

In 2013, the millionaire Richard Branson Le Dijo and the Daily Mail Shatner turned down his offer to go into space On one of his Virgo galaxies. Branson said Shatner said he was afraid to fly.

However, Shatner told The Daily Mail a different story. He said Branson expected him to pay for space travel and was not prepared to do so unless there was a “guarantee” that he would return to Earth. When France could not give him that guarantee, Shatner refused.

The Daily Mail reports that Shatner has also reportedly left space travel in the past. He noted that he was very interested in space research, but was not interested in doing it himself.

However, Shatner’s vision had already become clear in May 2020, While the SpaceX Dragon crew was preparing to launch. Shatner tweeted to NASA. He said that if any team member could not build the plane, he would be happy to travel automatically.

A few months later, Sutner noted that he planned to make a short trip to the subroutine location. “It’s likely to go up for a while and come down again,” Shatner said.

However, he expressed some concerns about the space flight. Shatner said he was really shaken by the Challenger eruption in the 1980s. NASA staff made significant changes to him and assured him that security was the company’s priority.

Shatner is skeptical of the millionaires who travel to space

Even in July 2021, Shatner revealed that he had doubts about the multi-million dollar space race. In an interview with NBC News A day after Bezos’ first launch, Shatner said he did not think space travel was that safe.

“If some dust falls on your spacecraft, it’s a hole in it, and then you have to insert it … Basically if there’s a flat tire in space, you’ll die. It seems to me that they’m more likely to die there than the Hollywood Freeway. You’re at zero gravity, it’s hotter than hell, and the air is rotten. Help me, I’m dying, but I’m slowly dying!

However, he seems to have overcome those fears. We will monitor your progress.

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