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About what Y ? The celebs were spotted together in a family moment at an event for their eldest son Christopher Alexander “Toffee”. The pair, who have been a couple for nearly two decades, shared a moment of support with photos and videos on Instagram, prompting many users to speculate on the possibility of their reconciliation.

In January 2023 It’s been a year since the Cuban actor announced his separation from the mother of his children. However, at a certain moment, within seconds of uploading your message, Levy has been tight-lipped about the new phase of her career.

Networks and media were flooded Leaks and rumors about the breakup of the “Coffee with the aroma of a woman” starAs long as both confirm it implicitly: too The actress also asked them to stop making malicious comments To the father of her children.

The ex-partner didn’t stop doing it Join the moments that matter to your family Also, in December 2022, shortly after completing the year, they reunited and we tell you everything we know about the reason behind this family outing. William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez.

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez in a photo when they were a couple (Photo: Elizabeth Gutierrez / Instagram)

What brought William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez back together?

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez They reunited as a family for the Perfect Game (PG) main event featuring their eldest son. Christopher Alexander, better known to his close circle as “Toffee”. The young man was participating in a baseball game at the Pompa Sports Complex in Sandford, Florida.

“Toffee” had the support of her parents and her sister KylieShe shared videos and photos of the day on Instagram where they cheered on the old man in court. “Proud of you, Hero”Levi’s message on the official account of the aforementioned social network, where he also uploaded a video of his successor’s talent.

when Gutierrez showed Christopher a photoIn the Instagram Stories option, with a description of “This is my son!”. The family reunited to celebrate the new achievement of “Toffee” who was about to leave the family Baseball from an electric golf cart crash.

What happened to William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez?

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez are separated from January 2022 And they don’t seem to rekindle their emotional relationship. All they’ve done this season is take part in family moments together for their kids. Despite speculation, The couple has not let slip any confirmation Their reconciliation.

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