Will the World Cup final whistle blow? That’s how it went for César Ramos in the SemisMediotiempo

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Cesar Ramos Palazuelos History was made for him Mexican Arbitration With his participation France and Morocco clashed in the World Cup semi-final in QatarOne of the most difficult matches of the tournament and held with him Just scoldingAlthough some controversial plays seemed to deserve more yellow cards.

The referee knows how to direct the game 2-0 win over France So Looks like his World Cup participation is overUnless FIFA decides that your work deserves an additional prize with a third place or final match.

How did it go referee? Qatar’s Mexican semi-final 2022?Qat

performance Ramos added only a warning from midfielder Sofiane Boufal Very strong first half foul on Theo Hernandez. From then on, the central judge refrained from drawing too many cards so as not to affect the teams if they reached the finals.

The Play more controversial was Morocco was fined In the 47th minute, a corner kick resulted in a jerk between Tichoumeni and N-Nesiri. In the video the striker appears to be abandoned, but there are still photographs of him holding on. In any case, VAR upheld Ramos and no penalty was awarded.

Other plays that could have a firmer mark on the Mexican side Constant mistakes against Kylian Mbappe Between 50 and 60 minutes. For example, in the 50′ he received a very strong tackle from Sofiane Amrabat, as well as a stomp from Yahya Attiat in the 57′, which broke the Frenchman’s boots.

Historical performance by César Ramos

Cesar Ramos participated in his second World Cup After the game at Russia 2018, this time he was whistled in four games. First Denmark vs Tunisia, then Belgium vs Morocco and in the round of 16 he presided over the clash between Portugal and Switzerland.

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Ramos thereby became the Four Mexican whistlers in the semifinals The famous Siquimarco equaled Marco Antonio Rodriguez with seven appearances in the World Cup and soccer’s greatest tournament.

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