Will the earth split in two?

Will the earth split in two?
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A team of scientists has exposed a major geological fault deep within the Himalayan mountain range, which could have created the break-up of the Indian subcontinent, according to the research, which 'teared away the Indian lithospheric mantle beneath the flat plates. '.

By: The Herald

The discovery determines that there is a tear and rupture in the lithospheric mantle between the tectonic plates separating the Asian continent, more precisely in the Tibet region. Although tectonic plates can break vertically, in this case the gaps were across the width, creating a different situation that could become extreme.

The fault continues to advance; May increase the number of earthquakes

According to experts and those who published the research, this fault is advancing significantly, which could increase the number of earthquakes, as detected by the rift in the Asian Plateau 'Kona Sangri'.

It should be noted that the Himalayas are a majestic mountain range, but at the same time they present some dangers, and the fact that they arose from the collision of two tectonic plates thousands of years ago has been ignored for years. This gave rise to one of the largest mountain systems on Earth, but it may now be in danger.

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