Will he regret it? After leaving his girlfriend, PK may look for Shakira again

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Madrid Spain.- It’s been a while though Shakira After a 12-year relationship, she has officially broken up with the father of her children, it has been confirmed to international media. Barcelona, Gerard PQWhat will happen to the two remains to be seen, for although they have not reached the altar, the interpreter of the hymns Congratulations, Compile One Good luckCannot leave Spain pending clarification of custody issue Sasha Y MilanThe minors they usually have.

Although purportedly the purposes of the source BarranquillaGoing to Colombia MiamiIt is also mentioned that he may continue the business Bahamas, even though he has vision, he plans that he cannot execute. Until the Blaugrana player had something concrete, he was looking for her after making sure he was completely single.

The controversy between the two started while on the podcast Mamarasis It was revealed that Piqué no longer lives in the same house He also chooses to return to his bachelor apartment, where he shares Shakira and her children, where he was allegedly seen with a woman. After time it was said in the same place ‘Third in competition’ It was together Employee The player met in a bar in the Catalan capital and was later offered a job at his company, where everyone knew there was more than friendship.

By clarifying rumours, they provide reassurance Shakira hired private detectives When she gets the evidence she needs to show that she’s more than worthy enough to confirm the infidelity Take full responsibility for their childrenSomething he could easily navigate America; However, plans can change as a paparazzi repeats Mamarasis PK is looking for his ex-partner whom he met during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Shakira showed her children’s meeting with their grandfather. Instagram @shakira

“Pickaway has not been with the woman he was involved with in recent weeks and is a bar waitress. He is single and has many friends. He started an affair with Shakira to agree on legal terms.”

Although Shakira did not want to be in a relationship with another man, Gerard Pique There are no arguments for going back to blondeWell, as the paparazzi said, even after he turned away from the woman he had already introduced his children to DubaiWhile Shakira is more focused on her children and her career, it seems she wants to enjoy the lucky single life she’s added after her stint with the Blaugrana.

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Piguet did not want to give a statement to the media, which he continued to evade, even after Barcelona president Joan Laborda broke his silence and confirmed that the player had missed out on the Colombian. A deal between the two could surprise the audience by announcing a second chance or walk away on good terms.

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