Will Diego Vasquez continue to lead the Honduras national team? Fenafut speaks, Guatemala Municipality is waiting


The Honduras national team Played in his third game Concacaf Nations League After facing two fights against Kurosawa and one fight against Canada.

After these three challenges, the future of the technologist Diego Vasquez Since his bond was only for this commitment, he is uncertain of the order of the two colors.

In detail Rafael VillettaA member of the selection commission, the Argentine coach ended his tenure after this fight against Canada.

“What can I say, the arrangement made with Diego Vasquez played in three gamesLastly with Canada, we have to sit down with the Selection Commission to see what is defined with Professor Vasquez.

Villetta said very directly and clearly that after concluding his contract with Vázquez, it would be best to fully explore what is going on in our football and give you a place to make decisions.

“I do not want to be named yet To the coach of the national team, but in general Honduran should enter into an in-depth analysis of football.

What do members of FENAFUT think?

George Solomon, President of Fenafut, acknowledges and assures Villetta’s position: “This is the deal you have (Three matches for Diego Vasquez) and the selection commission will decide at a later meeting ”.

He added: “It will end today and the selection commission will meet and define it It is highly recommendedWe will talk about it when this Nations League match is over. ”

For his part, Jose Mejia, Fenafut’s secretary, also endorses the deal that brings Vasquez to the Honduran team.

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“Diego has a three-match contract, but there is an open rule and he has the option to continue with the contract. It is up to the selectors to decide whether to continue with one of the terms or appoint another coach.”

But he explains that Bicolor has plans for friendly matches. “We finished three friendly matchesFIFA does not have a date, but two in September and one in October. “

With offers to go to football in Guatemala

Diego Vasquez maintains the highest profile under the leadership of Motakuwa since his campaign. Title forS and the blue company became very historic.

After this excellent tour of the Honduran competition and his excellent representation in the Concavs, he was denied the title three times. His name is appropriate in the region.

Vasquez has been wanted by clubs in Costa Rica and Guatemala for several seasons. He is currently the strongest candidate to capture the rule of the municipality.

According to Chapines media, Vasquez will join the club after this fight against Canada.

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