Wife of former German president under house arrest

(CNN Espasol) – Nicaraguan National Police on Monday arrested Maria Fernanda Flores Lanza, a former deputy of the Constitutional Liberal Party and former First Lady of the Republic.

The report of the National Police, which announced the arrest, states that Flores Lancas is in police custody at his home, according to Section 1 of Law No. 1055 “On the Peace of Law to Protect People’s Rights to Freedom, Sovereignty and the Right to Self-Determination”.

Former First Lady of Nicaragua Maria Fernanda Flores Lancas 2020 (Photo by INTI OCON / AFP via Getty Images)

According to Flores Lancas, the police are investigating allegations of acts that threaten freedom, sovereignty and self-determination, inciting foreign interference in internal affairs, soliciting military intervention, and funding from foreign powers. Proposing and managing, demanding and imposing sanctions on the state of Nicaragua and its citizens, elevating and praising and hurting the highest interests of the country.The police report does not describe the specific facts being investigated by Flores Lancas.

CNN tried to reach out to the former Congresswoman, but she did not respond.

The National Assembly on November 26 removed Flores Lanza, the wife of former President Arnoldo Alemann, as vice president of the Constitutional Liberal Party. The demand for the removal was promoted by Maria Heidi Hosuna, a former political ally of the president. Osuna is also the leader of the Liberal Constitutional Party, the same party as Flores Lanzas.

Nicaragua refuses to enter New York Times press 1:06

The famous sports journalist was arrested by the police

In a second press release, National Police said on Monday that sports journalist Miguel Angel Mendoza Arbina was also arrested without giving details of the location and circumstances. The document states that it is being investigated on charges of “threatening freedom, sovereignty and the right to self-determination and inciting foreign interference in the internal affairs of the country.”

For its part, the Nicaraguan Independent Journalists and Communicators Union (PCIN), through its Facebook page, condemned the arrest of Mendoza Arpina, saying he was abducted by police a few minutes ago. The whereabouts of Mendoza are unknown. We demand that they be released immediately.

Journalist Carlos Fernando Zamoro condemns the search of his home

On Monday night, journalist and director El Confidential Carlos Fernando Zamoro searched his home in the Intermeso del Bosque Zamoro urbanization through his social networks and his wife Desiree Elizondo was not at the address at the time.

The son of a prisoner says Ortega has crossed the border 0:54

“What are the Ordega police searching for four hours at the home of an unarmed journalist? Will the works of my father Pointe-ஜோ ஜோ’s Zamorak be taken as the “body of crime”: Bloodline: Los Somosas; A prisoner’s diary; Political magazine; And L Periodista? Zamoro asked.

CNN has asked the National Police about the move, but has not responded.

The Nicaragua Center for Human Rights CENIDH said on its Twitter account: “The Ordega Murillo regime has ordered the search of the homes of Confidential Director Carlos Fernando Zamoro and Desire Elizondo. It is clear that the nights of terrorism and brutal repression in Nicaragua will not stop. We warn the international community, including the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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