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Eugenio Derbez is one of the most acclaimed artists in Mexico, due to his extensive career as an actor and producer. Federico P. Luche’s translator inherits the art nerve to his four children: Aislinn, Vadhir,And Aidana has shown a lot of talent and charisma on more than one occasion.

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Jose Eduardo Derpes Eugenio is the son of an actress Victoria Rufo, The result of a love affair that lasted nearly five years between 1992 and 1997. The eldest son of the protagonist of the film “Victoria” also got into acting, participated in such shows. “Blind Date”, “Love Came” and “On a Trip with Derpes”.

The 29-year-old has caused a stir with his recent confession on a TV show, where he described the time he was detained at the airport. United States.

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The Mexican actor confessed during an interview that he lived an awkward moment (Photo: Jose Eduardo Derpes / Instagram)

Jose Eduardo Derbus was arrested in the United States

Son Eugenio Terpes The call came for a movie United StatesWith his father’s help, he boarded a plane to Los Angeles, California, and when he arrived at the airport in that city, he never imagined he would be arrested by the authorities.

What is the reason?

According to his statement Jose Eduardo For the show “SNSerio”, Displacements stopped him and the experience was not good.

“You already know that they are very beautiful and very kind in America. Especially when you come and settle down. Dear people.” The artist said teasingly.

Apparently, airport officials mistakenly thought he was someone else, which is why he was detained for several hours: “Two people come and they grab me and take me to a small room … I sat down, and They made me sit for three hours வெய்க்கு. Then they said to me ‘There was a mistake, you can go now.’

Fortunately, the event did not pass on a large scale and the actor was able to pursue his projects in a country of opportunity.

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According to Jose Eduardo, the Derbes family is cursed

Jose Eduardo promised that the surname Derbes would close all the doors at the beginning of his career, instead of opening them.

At the beginning of my career, when I started, acting one after the other or knocking on the door, well, it would happen, I think it would happen to all of us, to those who dedicated themselves to this, no. The door opened, you just kept giving it, there was nothing anywhere“, He considered the same” members on the air “.

You begin to wonder if this is really your thing or if you want to continue with it”, He reflected before sharing his conclusion on many small things.

When asked that son Affected his aspirations He answered yes. “I thought it would be a little easier, on the contrary, many doors were closed”.

One day I came home and cried tears and said, ‘This is not for me’. I got a call from Televisa to start my soap opera on my play, from there I did not stop, thank GodHe added.

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Who it is Jose Eduardo Derbus?

He is the son of Mexican actress Victoria Rufo and Mexican comedian and comedian Eugenio Derbes, and is the brother of Vader Derbes, Aislyn Derbase and Idana Derbase on his father’s side. He is the older brother of Anwar Fayat and Victoria Fayat. He is the grandson of actress Sylvia Derpes and the nephew of actress and presenter Gabriela Rufo.

Her official appearance on Mexican television was part of the preparation surprise for her aunt when she was two months old, on TVO, a successful children’s show hosted by her aunt Gabriela Rufo.

His television debut came when he was young, and he occasionally played a role in the painting “De Con Badre” as Aaron Apazolo on the Derbes show.

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