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Placing your modem away from your TV is key to optimal connectivity in your home

Mexico City.- In the current era, where all our home appliances depend on connectivity Internet stable, it is necessary to understand how to improve wifi signal at home. A little technology reveals that Modem location They can be critical to the proper functioning of the network and availability Practical tips to avoid interference and improve communication.

Avoid common mistakes

One of the most common errors that can affect WiFi signal quality is Place the modem near the TV.

Although this practice may seem convenient, since many technicians and even users do it thinking of better connectivity, the reality is different. The TV emits heat, which may cause the modem to overheat. Therefore a Loss of internet signal.

In addition to heat, The electromagnetic waves emitted by the TV directly interfere with the WiFi signal, which reduces browsing speed. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a distance of at least three meters between the modem and the TV to avoid these problems.

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Best practices for improving your WiFi signal at home

To improve the connection quality and improve the performance of your home WiFi network, it is recommended to follow certain practices. Firstly, Install the modem in an open locationaway from interference like Microwaves, radios, or other devices that may affect the signal.

Place it in the middle of the house such as the ground floor, dining room or living room.and it can also help distribute the signal evenly.

Also check the modem It is installed at a height of about one meterEither on the wall or on a piece of furniture to improve coverage. Avoid placing it near metal objects or ceilingsbecause it can block the WiFi signal.

Finally, to check the quality of your internet connection, there are useful mobile applications such as Speed ​​test, meteorite and speedWhich measures upload and download speed. These tools are essential to diagnose any connection issue Make the necessary adjustments to the modem settings.

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