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In Mexican popular culture, there is a deeply rooted belief in the phenomenon known as “theThe dead man climbed on top of meMany people claim that they have experienced a sense of paralysis and oppression in the body during sleep, and they attribute this to the presence of evil soul. However, from a scientific point of view, this experience can be interpreted differently.

The scientific explanation for the phenomenon of “the dead hit me” with a condition known as sleep paralysis. During the sleep cycle, our brain goes through different phases, one of which is known as sleep rapid eye movement (rapid eye movement).

During this stage, dreams occur and the brain sends signals to inhibit muscle movement, thus preventing us from achieving our dreams. However, on some occasions, the brain can wake up before the head is fully raised. muscle paralysisThis led to sleep paralysis.

When a person suffers from this phenomenon, he may feel chest pressure, shortness of breath, and the sensation of having someone or something on his body. This can be born Feeling of fear and anguishbecause a person is aware of his surroundings, but is unable to move.
These sensations, along with the vulnerability inherent in the dream state, can lead to cultural interpretations such as a belief in the existence of evil soul Or a “dead” who crept into his body and did not let the victim move.

Now, this phenomenon can be caused by various factors, such as Stress, lack of sleep, changes in bedtime, sleep disturbances, or use of certain medications. By understanding this condition from a scientific perspective, it is possible to take steps to prevent it and reduce its frequency.

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people who believe in it spirits and demons, They associate it with the presence of evil entities and may resort to practices and beliefs related to spirituality and religion.

Some believe they are facing an evil presence, and may pray or recite specific prayers for protection and warding off evil spirits. They can also perform ritual Or they practice religious practices that they consider effective in fighting “demons”.

Others may turn to things considered sacred or to have protective properties, such as crosses, religious medals, amulets or talismans, Which they believe can help repel the presence of evil entities. Still others consider mentioning or discussing a phenomenon to attract more sinister presences, and so they may choose to avoid talking about it or treat it with caution to avoid further experiences.

But science suggests that to avoid sleep paralysis, keep your A regular sleep routine, making sure to get enough rest, reduce stress before bed, and avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine intake. Also, create a calm and relaxing sleep environment, and avoid using electronic devices before bed.

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