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The All the contestants have to strategize to stay one more week in the reality show and win the top prize of 200 thousand dollars.

17 participants who initiated the project on May 10, 2022 Eight people have already been evictedAs Alicia Machado did in the first installment, many are wondering who will be crowned champion.

Despite controversial departures, as happened with Niurga Ramos, There are people who promise that the name of the winner will already be known in advance. Next, we reveal the identity of the winning competitor.

Daniela Navarro, Natalia Alcozar, Salvador Cerboni and Laura Bosso in “Celebrity House” (Photo: Telemundo)

Winner of “The House of Fame” according to “Sismy Not Like That”.

Popular plan Telemundo’s reality show “No Gossip” reveals the name of its juicy prize-winning character. During the July 5 broadcast, the hosts confirmed that the television network had already awarded US$200,000 to the “finger” winner.

They also announced what the final weeks of the show will look like. As mentioned, actor Salvador Cerboni will be in the competition until the end, although he will be nominated on several occasions.

But people coming The last stage will be Doni Costa and Laura Bosso, the winner of which will be the Peruvian driver. “Until she does something beyond the plans the TV station has and ruins everything.”They pointed out.

But if Laura Bosso wants to leave…

Also remembered for If Laura Bosso could be convinced to continue on the reality show, Telemundo would have offered her own program When the second season of “The House of the Famous” ends.

It all depends on the behavior of the driver. Meanwhile, sides and strategies continue to be put together to stay a few more days.

So far, the characters still living in the house are Daniella Navarro, Nacho Casano, Ivonne Montero, Juan Vidal, Laura Bozzo, Lewis Mendoza, Natalia Alcocer, Salvador Zerboni and Toni Costa.

New voting system in “The House of Famous 2”.

Every week a Tenant Abolished and that too by public vote. However, as indicated A new fan voting system will be implemented for the remainder of Season 2 from now on.

This is how you vote now

You keep nominating until you know who the nominees are, and the public doesn’t vote for who they want out of the house, but who they want to stay. Thus, the candidate with the least number of votes has to drop out of the contest.”, Hector Chance.

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