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Traveling is one of the things that people love most, however, when insecurity starts, that moment becomes as bad an experience as it happened. Tribute Riot, One of two fatalities The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a bar in Toulom, Quintana Roo.

But who is Anjali Riot?

Tribute Riot The 25-year-old continued to visit various sites around the world to create content to feed her social networks. Traveler Blogs.

From the beginning Resident of India and California, USA, The Influence Arrived in Mexico on Monday, October 18thThis is confirmed by the pictures he shared on his account Instagram– He had more than 41,000 followers – from the Silo Maya Hotel in Tulum.

Cow Two tourists were killed and three others were injured in an armed attack between criminal groups

His publications prove that this is not the first time Anjali has visited the country Selfies Las Cabos, Baja was captured in California, he visited other countries like this Places in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Japan, Turkey, Switzerland, the Philippines and of course in the United States.

Anjali shared her last trip before she died

The Anjali’s last trip was recorded on her social media sites with a video shared before she died. In it, the young woman appears with a shower and sunglasses, slowly walking on a pillar until she reaches a cliff, enjoying the beach illustrated in the background.

Before registering, a Photos of a young woman posing at a hotel in Tulum And a series of pictures from a restaurant in the region.

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Cow The German Riviera has issued a travel warning to Maya due to insecurity

Brother Riot asks for help to recover the body of influence

After the news was announced, a rain of reactions started on social websites. In publications it stands alone His brother Ashish Riot, who Anjali asked for support from the authorities to recover the body And can take it to India.

“Dear Mayor, I am her (Anjali Riot) brother who was killed in a shooting last night. Can you speed up the rest of the formalities and take India to India as soon as possible?” Ashish wrote on Twitter. .

For its part, The attack was condemned by the mayor of Tulam, Marciano Tsul Kamal And assured that the investigation has already begun.

“I strongly condemn the tragic events that took place in Toulom last night, in which two people were killed and three injured. I would like to inform you that I have instructed the Metropolitan Police to co-operate in the investigation of this unfortunate incident.”

Cow Quintana Roo Tourist Places Thanks to the green traffic light

How he died Tribute Riot in Libra?

Thursday night a Armed assault and Shooting between two criminal gangs A scales bar.

The balance of what happened Three people were injured and two foreign tourists were killedOne of them is Anjali Riot.

The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) launched the inquiry folder and thanked C5 for the technology Was able to find one of the invadersAlso, he was injured and hospitalized under police protection.

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In addition, through the Directorate of Victims’ Attention, liaison was established with the embassy representatives of the victims, while the Attorney General of the Ministry confiscated the assets to carry out relevant investigative activities.

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