Who is the elected Governor of Venezuela, Sergio Garrido?

(CNN Español) – Sergio Garrido, a politician from the opposition Democratic Solidarity table, has been the governor of Chavista’s stronghold Barinas since 1998. After the election in which he defeated former Foreign Minister George Arreaza, Garrido is now the organization’s elected governor.

With 55.36% of the vote in favor, Perrinas’s opposition leader, Carrido Won the election Against the official candidate, Areza, who received 41.27% of the vote on January 9th.

Upon learning of his victory, Carrido hoisted the flag of Parinas and thanked his followers.

Corrido, 54, was born on November 2, 1967, in the state of Paris. Venezuela says he has been involved in political activities since a young age and has joined the Democratic Action Party. Newspaper. National In the profile shared by the party of the candidate who does not have an official page.

Early in his career he served as Youth Leader and Political Secretary of the Divisional Executive Committee, and in 2013 was elected Councilor for the municipality of Parinas. Then, between 2015 and 2016, he was mayor of Parinas. National.

Garrido in 2021 Was selected as a candidate To the governorship through the Democratic Solidarity Schedule after several disabilities to other opposition leaders.

“It’s more or less a fight than what is written in the Bible, it’s a fight between David and Goliath,” Corrido told Reuters on Friday. “David is the people of Parinas and Goliath. David finally defeated Goliath. The people of Parinas are going to defeat Goliath who is there, this is the rule.”

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Rocío San Miguel, head of the Ciudadano Observatory, told Reuters that the Parinas strategy was “widespread on both sides of the border with Colombian illegal armed groups operating in the central provinces of Venezuela.”

They are holding elections again in Barinas 2:45

This is how Sergio Carrido came to this election

In December 2021, Carrido was elected candidate for governor of the opposition by the Massa de la United Democratic Party. This is after the election chamber of the Supreme Court Order to hold re-election After the disqualification of both candidates, Freddie Superlano, who ran in the November 2021 election, to the governor’s office in Paris Then Aurora Silva -Superlano’s wife- Parinas is ineligible to run for governor.

Corrido, meanwhile, was chosen as the governor’s candidate because he was elected vice – president by a majority of votes before the legislature on November 21.

“He is already a person approved by the National Electoral Council, already announced, already in session … so we need to see if they are competent and if they have the rudeness. It’s just a matter of asking them who you want to be. ” Superlano said, When announcing Carido’s candidacy in December last year, Parinas was a former candidate for governor.

Superlano: Diosdado Cabello Perenas could not overcome the results 1:14

A campaign in the short term

Surprisingly, in a few days, Garrido had to prepare for a new campaign to aspire to be the governor of his own state, representing an opposition coalition that would unite the main opposition.

Although he was not the only opposition candidate in the race – with at least five opposition candidates in attendance, representing minority parties – he won the January 9 election in Paris.

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Barinas is a plain state located in western Venezuela and is considered the stronghold of Savismo. In the November 21, 2021 regional elections, this was one of the most controversial territories, but the controversy turned out to be a matter of honor for the ruling party as it sought to retain power and won a trophy for the opposition. Dialed.

– With information from Osmary Hernández.

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