Who is Patricio Robles in the second season of Louis Miguel: The Series?

Second season ‘Louis Miguel: Series’ A day after its premiere on the streaming platform Netflix, it brings a lot to talk about.

With the revelation of the first chapters, there are no more questions than answers Where the mother of ‘Soul de Mexico’ is, The arrival of a new character gives the story an unexpected twist.

Spoiler Warning: If you are one of those who have not seen the series yet, we expect this character to be important in the history of the singer, they call him on the internet New ‘Luisito Ray’.

In the second installment ‘Louis Miguel: Series’, Let’s look at the look ‘Patricio Robles’, Starring actor Pablo Cruz Guerrero, who is considered the newest villain in history.

That being said Louis Miguel’s new manager, In the series, he does not represent a special person, it is said that they combined the history of the singer’s four workers to create the character.

“It’s a mix of different characters. There were some who were particularly approached with some motives, so I took it in stride and put it in this passage, I want to reflect on that from where I started.In an interview, Pablo Cruz Guerrero said.

In real life, ‘Patricio Robles’ may be Mauricio Abarova, Who Representative of Louis Miguel in 1993, Approximately, she won first place at the Baghdad Youth Festival for her song ‘Ganus TD’ performed by Magdalena Jouret; With his song ‘Tú y yo’ at the OTI ceremony he took third place with the voice of Lolita Cortes; In addition, he received numerous Latin Grammy nominations and 25 years (2017) path recognition from SACM.

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