Who are all the children of actor David Ostroski?

One of the most beloved actors in show business for his illustrious career in film, theater and television David Ostrosky, He rose to fame in the mid-1980s. Few people know that he is an actor He had three children who decided to grow up away from acting.

They’re kids who aren’t following in David Ostroski’s footsteps

The actor, son of a Russian father and Polish mother, found love with his wife, also an actress, Belinda Slomianski, with whom he became acquainted with the birth of his father in 1985 Ariella, Your eldest daughter.

This is Belinda Slomianski, David Ostroski’s widow.

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Pedro, He Second son The late translator came into the world in 1987. According to David Ostrosky, His birth surprised him as he was giving a ceremony when his wife went into labor.

“After the show I came to the hospital like crazy, and in half an hour Pedro arrived,” he told Esquire Mexico in 2021.

Although David Ostrosky is very reserved when it comes to his personal life. Because in his social networks he does not share photos of his children, he mentioned them in some interviews. In a chat with Esquire Mexico, he also shared some advice he gave them.

“I think all three of my children are good people, people with principles and values,” she noted. “The first piece of advice I would give you is to take care of your name as very valuable. You cannot pass the name, it is the name that gives you credibility and transparency… You have to be transparent, transparent and transparent about that,” he declared.

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David Ostroski is a grandfather of three

Although the first actor tried not to publish photos of his children, he assumed it on several occasions. He is the grandfather of three young children, That happened in June 2019.

Unlike David Ostrosky, His Wife Belinda Slomianski Yes, she used to post pictures of her kids on her Facebook page from time to time.

David Ostrosky died This August 17th at the age of 66. By the end of 2022, the actor announced A knot in the hand

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