Where in the United States do you pay the lowest property taxes?

Various trading platforms surveyed property taxes paid by residents of America’s largest metropolitan areas. The investigation confirmed that property taxes for single-family homes increased by 3.6% in 2022.

In this sense, homeowners in the most expensive cities pay an average of $7,000.00 USD per year. Meanwhile, residents in the south of the country pay the lowest property taxes.

Which are the lowest taxed cities?

In Birmingham, Alabama, the taxable value of homes with a mortgage is $1,152.00 USD, while homes without a mortgage are valued at $774.00 USD. On the other hand, all houses pay a tax of $995.00 USD.

Another city with the lowest taxes is New Orleans, where the mortgage tax is $1733.00 USD. Those with no mortgages are $1174.00 USD and all households are $1506.00 USD.

In FĂ©nix, homes with a mortgage pay $1,803.00 USD in taxes and those without a mortgage pay $1,681.00 USD. Finally, the tax for all houses comes to a figure of $1769.00 USD.

Memphis, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky round out the list of cities with the lowest property taxes.

On the other hand, there is also a list of cities with highest property taxes across the country. Here we explain what they are.

In Los Angeles, homes with a mortgage pay $5,848.00 USD and those without a mortgage pay $3,812.00 USD in taxes. Property tax for all homes is $5214.00 USD.

Another of the most expensive cities in this sense is Chicago, where homes with a mortgage pay $6,039.00 USD. Those without a mortgage pay $5,240.00 USD and all pay $5,776.00 USD.

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For Boston, mortgaged homes are taxed at $6,222.00 USD and non-mortgaged homes at $6,294.00 USD. In total the houses pay $6244.00 USD.

San Francisco, New York and San Jose, California round out the list of cities with the highest property taxes.

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