When will the national team come to Argentina with the World Cup and what will the festivities be like?

The Argentina national team He will arrive in the country early on Tuesday to celebrate his victory World Cup 2022 in Qatar At his teammates’ company, Aerolíneas Argentinas, the company is replacing the team, coaching staff and family members, sources said. Starting at noon -with some uncertainty still-, the representatives will celebrate in the capital with millions of fans.

The Flight AR1915It can Follow live, It took off from Doha (Qatar) airport at 10:44 local time (4:44 in Argentina), seven hours behind schedule due to extensive festivities in the Middle East and some logistical issues. The flight has already made a technical stop at Fiumicino (Rome), from where it travels to Buenos Aires, where it will arrive this morning.

The company expects the plane carrying players and coaching staff to land at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires province. Around three o’clock in the morning on Tuesday (Argentine time).Allocating celebratory activities for the day.

The first step is to head to the AFA venue in Ezeiza where some fans are already waiting for the world champions – already planned for the occasion. It has even been revealed that La Mosca will be on the runway and will sing along the red carpet. childrenThe song that became Albiceleste’s anthem.

Over the next few days, the airline will operate three flights from Doha with white and blue fans: two will arrive in Ezeiza at dawn on Tuesday, and the third will arrive on Thursday.

Account of Twitter of Argentina national team It announced that the players will celebrate with the fans this Tuesday obelisk, the center of festivities in Buenos Aires. “The world champion team 🏆 will leave for the Obelisk at noon on Tuesday to celebrate the world title with the fans,” they said.

Further, The national government has declared a holiday on Tuesday, December 20 for the celebrations of the world title. Due to the schedules set for the historic and grand celebration, AFIP, banks and essential services will remain open till 12 noon.

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Still unconfirmed – and will be defined in the next few hours – is the route of the team, which after resting at the AFA campus, will head to the city of Buenos Aires. On the one hand, Juan Patricio Balpi noted Sports CenterItinerary Ezeiza, Ricchieri Highway, Dellepiane Highway, 25 de Mayo Highway, 9 de Julio, Obelisk, Libertador Avenue, Figueroa Alcorta Avenue, Libertador Avenue, General Paz, Ricchieri Highway and Ezeiza.

However, medium Double yellow Ricchieri, General Paz, Lugones, Illia, Libertador and Alem: Ricchieri, General Paz, Lugones, and Alem: Ricchieri, General Paz, Lugones, and Alem: Ricchieri, General Paz, Lugones, and Alem: Ricchieri, General Paz, Lugones, and Alem: announced that the group will visit the Casa Rosada, another iconic celebration point for the Argentina national team.

The desire not to politicize the action and the overflowing memories of the uprising of Diego Armando Maradona in November 2020 are some of the issues that do not allow us to confirm yet how the ceremonies will unfold.

In this way, the only certainty is the schedule (from noon), although – according to the crowd that comes with the micro convertible, which, as a pioneer, does not stand in the way – it can run away and occupy a large area. The afternoon promises to be a memorable Tuesday.

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