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Have you had any doubts before? It is still one of the most used applications in the world, but sometimes we don’t control ourselves much and talk anywhere. Do you want to know who your partner talks to the most? Well, here we tell you how to achieve it.

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Who does your partner talk to the most on WhatsApp?

  • The first thing will be to enter WhatsApp.
  • Remember, it must be your partner or friend’s WhatsApp.
  • Then go to settings.
  • There go to “Storage and data”.
  • Then go to Manage Storage.
  • At that moment you will see a list of people.
  • You will notice that the first person that appears is the person you have shared the most text messages with.
  • This weight can be increased if you have sent photos or videos.
  • Most likely, you will be the one to appear first.
This way you will be able to know who your partner is chatting with on WhatsApp. (Photo: Mag – Rommel Yubanki)

What are the disadvantages of using WhatsApp Plus?

So why don’t users have this version if it gives you more benefits? For three main reasons: first, as we said before, if they can determine that you are using this software, they can suspend your account forever, although not many cases are detected; secondly, since it is an APK file, you cannot download it directly from the Android Google Play Store, but from external sites and manually; And third, it is not 100% secure or private because it lacks end-to-end encryption.

A guide to know the history of creating a WhatsApp group

  • First, check it out The WhatsApp You have no pending updates in the Android Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Now, open the app and get into a group chat.
  • The next step is to click on the group name.
  • Chat settings will open.
  • Below the description or the “Add group description” button, you’ll see a message that says “Created by (username) and date specified”.
  • If you haven’t added the contact, your phone number will appear.

So you can send and receive WhatsApp messages on two different mobile devices

This is the new “Companion” mode, a function that allows users to link their account to another smartphone, something that no one expected because they thought it was impossible to do. The process will be the same as syncing on WhatsApp Web, desktop and tablets, by scanning a QR code, only that the person who owns the secondary device has to perform a previous process to access their QR code.

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