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Most believed the new “pinned messages” feature would save rejected ideas in the drawer. WhatsApp Messenger, which was announced several months ago and more details about the aforementioned option have just arrived today. Want to know what it’s for and how to use it? We at Depor will explain it below.

What is Pinning on WhatsApp? Let’s say you set something that you consider important, ie: who you interact with the most, When you do so, they’ll be anchored at the top of the app’s main interface (the “Chats” tab)..

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With the new “pinned messages”, as their name suggests, you can pin a message you’ve received or sent to a chat of your choice. When you do, a bar will appear at the top of the conversation with the content you pinned. The difference with the previous function is that it has an expiration time.

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This is how you can activate and use pinned messages on WhatsApp

  • Before starting, it is important to highlight that the tool is currently only available in the WhatsApp beta program for Android users.
  • To download the beta version of WhatsApp Go to Google Play Store and write the name of the app in the search bar.Share it” > access the app and scroll down.
  • Here you will see the option Become a beta tester. If you can’t find it, click Next .
  • Accept the conditions and you have to wait for a while to start downloading WhatsApp beta.
  • Open the app (it’s the same one) > enter the chat and click on the message you want to pin (it should be shaded).
  • Now, press the three dots icon (top right) > four options will be displayed > tap on the one that says “.Back up”.
  • The next step is to select the expiration time: “24 hours”, “7” or “30 days”.
  • If you try to pin another message, you will replace the current one. It is compatible with multimedia files.
  • If you touch the static bar You will be sent to the exact moment you sent or received those messages.
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Preview of WhatsApp pinned messages. (Photo: WabetaInfo)

These are the most common errors in WhatsApp

  • Talk to strangers: Never reply to messages from an unknown or unregistered number, even worse if it is not identified in the greeting. Do not add him because he will have access to your profile photo, information, name and description, and also, he may be a thief, extortionist, kidnapper.
  • Use modified versions of the app: WhatsApp Plus, GB, Fouad and other hacked programs are not 100% safe. If you download or update from an untrusted page, you run the risk of installing a virus-infected APK that can access your conversations and financial information, thereby stealing your bank savings. If Meta detects that you are using a MOD it will ban you temporarily or permanently.
  • Do not update: Many people don’t update the app because it’s usually too heavy and they fear running out of storage space. We recommend creating a space because updates not only include new tools, functions, or fixes for bugs and errors, but also update security patches to prevent you from becoming a victim of a cyber attack.

Solution when you don’t receive WhatsApp verification code because you are in another country

  • You have to implement carry around One carry around data, what is this? It has a tool to use the coverage of a network other than the main network.
  • This way you will not only have mobile data (internet) but you will be able to make or receive calls and SMS text messages.
  • Remember that your phone operator’s “roaming” service will add additional charges to your bill.
  • To activate it, first go to your smartphone’s “Settings” > then click on the section that says “Connections”.
  • The next step is to tap on the “Mobile Networks” option.
  • Finally, turn on the “Data Roaming” switch.
  • Done, all that remains is to request the verification code again. Share it.
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How to Create Your Whatsapp Channel

You can find your favorite media, sports organizations, artists and singers on WhatsApp channels. Each of them will inform you about what they are doing, publishing and news about what you want.

  • The first thing to do is to get the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • You can download it One .
  • When you do, log in to WhatsApp.
  • Now enter the news tab and then, under states, we will see channels.
  • There you will see a “+” symbol.
  • Click on it and you will see two options: Search Channels and Create Channel.
  • We choose the second one, and after that we will be asked to specify the name we want to give to our channel.
  • You can also add a profile photo.
  • Once you have everything, you need to start spreading your channel. Share it with your friends using the link provided by the tool.
  • From now on you can post whatever you want.
  • It is important to note that if you want to get the green verification icon, you must create your channel as a company.

How to stop automatic download of WhatsApp photos?

To manage your preferences, tap Settings > Storage & data. There you can choose when you want WhatsApp to automatically download photos, audio files, videos and documents. Tap each media type and choose Never, Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi and mobile data.

How to keep WhatsApp from disconnecting?

In such cases, you need to check that your phone is properly connected to the internet and turned on, it may be Wi-Fi or your internet tester port is blocked, thus limiting the use of WhatsApp. Check that WhatsApp or your cell phone is not in airplane mode.

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