WhatsApp trick to hide the app’s “writing”

Today we will introduce you to a great trick by which you will learn to hide the famous “writing” within the celebrity. Application From Share, So keep reading without missing anything.

And if your WhatsApp friends no longer want to know when you are “Writing“Within the application, here we present to you the simplest trick to achieve it.

If you have installed Mission Service To talk to your friends, family, co-workers, etc., you have certainly seen that when writing a message, the word “writing” appears so that the recipient can know that you are trying to communicate with him. On top.

However, today there is one Trick Available for Android and iPhone that allow you to hide it without having to download weird apps on your smartphone.

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As you can see, right now, there are endless applications of dubious looks that allow you to do this.

However, it is not recommended to install them, for example, a modified version of WhatsApp Plus, which is banned by the creators because it is not secure.

This way, if you download this app on your smartphone and use it for a long time, remember that sooner or later, WhatsApp will block your account.

First, if you make it temporary and continue to use it, the block will be permanent.

If you want to respond to a message and others do not want you to know what you are writing about, you need to enter the dialog as soon as your phone ‘Flight Mode’ is enabled.

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Note that the message will not be sent automatically and a clock will appear instead of the classic check.

You should exit the instant messaging app and disable your phone’s airplane mode so that the message you wrote will be sent correctly.

When it reaches the other person, a double check will appear and if they read it, the icon will turn blue.

On the other hand, if for some reason you delete WhatsApp conversation with the most important photos and videos, you should know that there is a very simple trick that will allow you to recover them.

It should be noted that the secret trick known to some will only work if the WhatsApp user creates a backup of the instant messaging app.

As we continue to share new tricks and functions in the most popular messaging app, we recommend that you be alert about our tips every day.

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