WhatsApp introduces a new function for group calls


19 July 2021 23:32 GMT

The new option is that the user can access the call with their friends or family, even if it is already started.

WhatsApp group calls are now like Zoom or Google Meet. The company aims to provide the ability to join current group calls, rather than going online at the start of the call.

The new feature is that group calls between friends or family can be accessed even if the user has already started. Additionally, until team members are initially invited, “can be disconnected and reunited during the conversation” Extensive Company in a blog post.

“The ability to join a group call then removes the stress of having to answer as soon as you start. In addition, it makes group calls on WhatsApp arbitrary and as easy as a face-to-face conversation,” the report said.

Due to the huge popularity of WhatsApp, this can be a useful feature for many people who communicate through that messaging service.

The new feature will be available from Monday. The interface will also be updated so that the user can see “who is in the conversation, who was invited, but not yet joined”. Thus renewed group calls will be encrypted from end to end.

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