WhatsApp, How to customize wallpapers in your chats

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WhatsApp, How to customize wallpapers in your chats. Photo: Reform

How to customize wallpapers

In this case, we’re telling you how to put a customized wallpaper for each chat so you can identify who you are talking to. To place the same wallpaper on all chats, follow these steps:

  • Enter WhatsApp
  • Go to the Settings area
  • Search chats
  • Then you can change the wallpaper and it depending on the theme you implemented (light theme or dark theme).

This site allows you to select light wallpapers, dark wallpapers, solid colors or any other image from your gallery through the My Photos section. Another option is to enable the default wallpaper and leave all chats in the default WhatsApp background.

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In total WhatsApp has 32 light wallpapers, 29 dark wallpapers and 27 solid color wallpapers. Now, to place the custom wallpaper, all you have to do is open the chat where you want to change the background and follow these steps:

  • Go to the menu
  • Then select the wallpaper and an image, when you click on the set wallpaper, check the “For this chat” option and make sure that only the wallpaper in this chat will be changed.

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Finally, if you want to change or remove the selected background, follow the same steps we specified:

In the chat, look for the ‘Wallpaper’ option and select “Remove customized wallpaper” so it will place the wallpaper just like any other chat. Done, it’s very easy to customize your WhatsApp.

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