WhatsApp changes its design: What changes on Android

WhatsApp adapts to the demands of the users and provides them with greater ease of use. (Reuters)

WhatsApp already has an update that changes the way users use the app. With the design change, the platform rearranged all its tabs and icons mainly on Android phones.

This new version has been arriving gradually in recent weeks and some users may have already installed it on their phones. That's why the most significant changes are aimed at understanding how it works and making it easier to use the site.

First, for Android device users, WhatsApp has introduced a new bottom navigation bar to replace the traditional bar at the top of the interface.

The messaging app changed its interface so that users can find tools more easily. (share)

This change has made it easier to interact with the app, similar to the iPhone design, allowing for more comfortable one-handed use. It utilizes iconography to guide users through the various options available.

Previously, the top navigation bar featured four tabs: 'Chats', 'Status', 'Calls' and 'Communities'. However, with the update, these tabs have moved to the bottom of the screen, iOS style.

The refactoring didn't remove or add functions, it simply positioned the tools differently and this can be done with each:

  • Chats– This tab contains all conversations from groups to archived and hidden chats. This is the center of the application.
The messaging app changed its interface so that users can find tools more easily. (share)
  • condition: Communication levels are grouped here, as well as broadcast channels. Status is a popular WhatsApp feature that allows users to send photos, videos and text messages that disappear after 24 hours. Channels are places where a brand or content creator can create releases and where users can interact with them.
  • communities– This tab is dedicated to the meeting places of various groups. This is a convenient way to quickly reach specific communities, such as groups of common interest or task forces.
  • Calls– As its name suggests, this tab records all calls and video calls made by the user through WhatsApp. It is a useful tool for monitoring communications.
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Note that this update is not available for all Android versions. According to tests carried out by Infobae, the new interface is available on WhatsApp version on Android 9 version PKQ1.190616.001.

WhatsApp adapts to the demands of the users and gives them more convenience to use. (EFE)

However, it is expected to be extended to all devices running on the Android platform soon, giving users a chance to enjoy a new and improved app experience.

In addition to interface changes, The Meta app has announced a major update in response to changes in EU legislationa, particularly in relation to the Digital Markets Act.

This update aims to enable interoperability with other messaging apps such as Telegram, Signal and iMessage. This optional feature will allow users to send and receive messages from other platforms while maintaining end-to-end encryption to protect privacy.

WhatsApp adapts to the demands of the users and gives them more convenience to use. (dpa)

It is important to note that this feature is optional for users, but WhatsApp is obliged to provide it in compliance with EU law. Otherwise, you may face fines and even the possibility of selling company shares if you do not comply with the established regulations.

This EU Digital Markets Act seeks to regulate digital platforms to prevent unfair conditions for both companies and users, and guarantee the openness and accessibility of digital services.

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