WhatsApp, all the new functions that are available

One of the sites Instant message Used a lot ShareEvery day, millions of people around the world communicate through this medium News, photos, videos, voice notes, video callsEtc.

There are many benefits to this application, but the main one is that it is constantly updated, which is what happens New features and tools Are added to the platform. In this case, we tell you all the news that WhatsApp will be available to all its users.

All new features are available on WhatsApp. Photo: Pixabay

What are the new features in WhatsApp

1. Communities

This new tool will help improve communication between users, which has different styles from the already popular groups. In communities, there will be executives who oversee global communications to maintain the organization.

One of its advantages is that the creators of a community can create and manage their own internal groups, thereby separating different tasks. Some characteristics that communities have:

  • Chats are encrypted end-to-end.
  • The phone number will be hidden from community members and only administrators can see it.
  • Communities are private: WhatsApp does not allow you to search or find them, you can only access them by call.
  • Only administrators can send broadcast messages to the entire community.
  • There will be a list of groups that each community can access. Administrators can add and move groups and delete them.
  • Like today’s groups, users can decide whether to add to communities.
  • Administrators can report abuse and unauthorized use of communities to WhatsApp. The company can exclude participants, close groups and even communities.

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2. WhatsApp reactions

After months of testing, the reactions in chats like the ones on Facebook are finally available. Like Facebook Messenger, they are displayed when a user clicks long enough to select a message.

Available emojis I like it, I love it, it makes me happy, it makes me sad, it makes me sad and praying emojis are different from Facebook because they are animated.

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3. Can send files up to 2GB

After months of testing in Argentina, WhatsApp will allow you to send connections of up to 2GB to all users. Finally, another novelty is that the news site will increase the number of participants in voice calls from eight to thirty-two.

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